The foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains

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Students continue their education through the middle school years with a rigorous and comprehensive program at Esperero Canyon or Orange Grove. Students participate in English language arts, mathematics, science, computer science, social studies, world languages, and health/physical education. Beginning in sixth grade, instruction in the arts is driven by specialization with students choosing from one of the following: band, choir, orchestra, or visual art. These classes meet daily for the same amount of time that other classes meet for the entire academic year. Our academic program challenges students to engage deeply in learning, applying critical and creative thinking, problem solving, systems thinking, communication, citizenship, and collaboration skills. Inquiry-based, project based, and other authentic learning experiences are the foundation for an exciting educational program. Students are equipped with the necessary strategies and tools that prepare them for success in high school.

3 middle school students

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Middle school students in classroom