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CFSD Board Policies

Click here for a complete listing of CFSD policies.

Note: You do not need an ID or password for the above link. Just click on the policies shown in the left-hand column of the screen. If you have any questions, please call the Superintendent's Office at 209-7537.

The policies listed below are those that are likely to be of the greatest interest to district families:

• Administering Medicines to Students (JLCD-R)
• Appropriate Use of Electronic Information Services (IJNDB)
• Bus Safety Program (EEAE and EEAE-R)
• Class Sizes (IIB)
• Community Use of Facilities (KF-R)
• Electronic Information Services User Agreement (IJNDB-E)
• Extracurricular Activity Eligibility (JJJ)
• Field Trips (IJOA)
• Graduation Requirements (IKF)
• Hazing (JICFA)
• Interscholastic Sports (JJIB)
• Open Enrollment (JFB)
• Public Gifts (KCD)
• Public's Right to Know (KDB-R & KDB-E)
• Report Cards/Progress Reports (IKAB)
• Safety and Use of Electronic Information Services (IJNDB-R)
• Student Absences and Excuses (JH)
• Student Admissions (JF)
• Student Automobile Use and Parking (JLIE-R)
• Student Discipline (JK-R)
• Student Interrogations, Searches, and Arrests (JIH)
• Student Records (JR-R)
• Student Suspension (JKD)
• Student Violence/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying (JICK)
• Student Wellness (JJIE)
• Student Wellness (JL & JL-R)
• Technology Resources (Movies/Videos) (IJND-R)
• Voluntary, Random, Suspicionless Drug Policy (JJIE)
• Web Accessibility (IJNDBA)


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