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Educational Technology & Information Services

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Digital Tools and Resources

CFSD Educational Technology

Technology is fundamental to education in the Catalina Foothills School District. Therefore, our efforts focus on the potential of technology and how to best use it as a learning resource to improve instruction and increase student achievement. Our students will be digital citizens throughout their lifetime. We have a tremendous opportunity to harness the enthusiasm students already have for technology and channel it into learning.

The myriad resources of the digital world provide each classroom with interesting, diverse, and current learning materials. The Web can connect students to experts around the globe and provide them with opportunities to collaborate with others and solve complex problems. Students develop different forms of communication and leadership skills. They learn how to capture, create, and express learning through images, sound, and text.

Technology tools such as computers/laptops, tablets (such as iPad), Smart Boards, video cameras, digital cameras, calculators, iPods, and classroom response systems are all innovations that can and do have a profound effect on classroom learning. This is an exciting time to work with educational technologies, and we look forward to continued efforts that extend and enhance the outstanding education that is Catalina Foothills School District.



District Technology Contacts:

Lynn Pence: Director of Educational Technology


Mark Oxborrow: Network Manager

Daniel Lyons: Student Information Systems/Database Manager

Justin Myers: Software Applications Specialist

Joan Dedmon: Website Coordinator

Ryan Koch: Network Technician

Camryn Cline:  District Computer Technician II


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