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College and Career Readiness: How will CFSD prepare your student to soar?

We understand that there is a lot more to your student than a single test score.

Standardized test scores, traditionally used as the primary readiness indicator, do not always provide an accurate representation of your student's potential. Your student is more than a single score. In Catalina Foothills School District, we are using a variety of indicators to examine each student's readiness at every critical stage within the PreK-12 setting.

CFSD's report on college and career readiness is a window into how we prepare our students to thrive in a complex world. We will revisit the report annually as we strive to more accurately assess the performance of your student and our schools. The report highlights our students' incredible accomplishments while also providing us with information on where we can focus for improvement. We are committed to preparing all students so that they can pursue their goals and dreams with confidence.

Click the link below for the college and career readiness report. The infographic that follows is a graphic representation of much of the data and information found in the report.

College and Career Ready: A CFSD Profile (PDF)

CFSD College and Career Readiness

Where do CFSD families live map

Think how does CFSD measure Deep Learning

Testing college readiness graph

What do CFSD students learn facts

Class of 2019 SAT results graphic

AZMerit 2019 scores graph

AP Test average scores graph

2019 AP scholar summary graph

Graph of how many freshmen take honors classes

How do students show ownership of learning

Visual and performing arts graph

How CFSD integrates programming into science

CTE-JTED Pathways graph

AZ Seal of Biliteracy graph

CFSD experiences graph

Four-year graduation rate graph

Student transition skills chart

GPA graph

Cumulative attendees

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