The foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains

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Health Services

We are committed to the health, well-being and education of all district students.

In addition to teaching and promoting good health habits throughout the district’s eight schools, our staff members are charged with maintaining student’s immunization records, providing hearing and vision screening tests, helping students who have chronic health conditions, and providing emergency care when necessary.

School Health Office Contact Information:

Valley View Early Learning Center
520-209-7652 Fax: 520-209-7664
Rachel Howard, RN, BSN, MSN:
Alexis Yeager:

Canyon View Elementary School
520-209-7704 Fax: 520-209-7770
Vivien Petersen, RN:
Jean Stockwell, Health Assistant:

Manzanita Elementary School
520-209-7804 Fax: 520-209-7870
Rachel Howard, RN, BSN, MSN:
Cynthia Belmonte, Health Assistant:

Sunrise Drive Elementary School
520-209-7904 Fax: 520-209-7970
Rachel Howard, RN, BSN, MSN:
Kate Jorgensen, Health Assistant:

Ventana Vista Elementary School
520-209-8004 Fax: 520-209-8070
Rachel Howard, RN, BSN, MSN:
Charissa Jimenez, Health Assistant:
Melisa Stark, Health Assistant:

Esperero Canyon Middle School
520-209-8104 Fax: 520-209-8170
Vivien Petersen, RN E-mail:

Orange Grove Middle School
520-209-8204 Fax: 520-209-8275
Leslie Nicholson, BSEd., ASN, RN:
Merlinda Zuniga, Health Assistant:

Catalina Foothills High School
520-209-8330 Fax: 520-209-8525; Front Office Fax: 520-209-8520
Christopher Lopez, RN:
April Choi, Health Assistant: 520-209-8304