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New to District Information


In our 2017 survey, 86.5% of new families report that they are happy with their first year in CFSD. That satisfaction rate is twenty-five points higher than the average satisfaction rate (61%) for a 'choice' school district, according to a recent study by the US Department of Education. Other findings: families report choosing CFSD schools for excellent ratings, highly qualified teachers and good locations. See our infographic for more results.

CFSD New Family Survey Results

Below are some frequently asked questions for new members of the CFSD community. If you do not reside within the district boundaries, click here for more information about Open Enrollment.

Q: How is CFSD residency determined?

The residence of a child is determined by the residence of his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Your residence is defined as your domicile or where you physically live, and must be within district boundaries for the child(ren) to attend CFSD schools. Persons who knowingly or fraudulently present misinformation to the district concerning place of residence should expect the removal of the child(ren) from classes and retroactive billing for the daily tuition rate. View a map of CFSD.

If you need to verify if a residence is located within CFSD boundaries, or want information about Open Enrollment, please call the District Office at 520-209-7500.

Q: What do I need to do to register my child for school?

A child may be registered for a school in the district during the school year upon providing proof of legal residency. Proof of residency is acceptable in the following forms:

  • Child's birth certificate (for new students only)
  • A property tax bill, closing/settlement papers, or an executed lease
  • A utility bill, cable bill, or major credit card statement

Students must have proof of all required immunizations or a valid exemption in order to attend the first day of school. The immunization record for each vaccine dose must include the date and the name of the doctor or clinic.

Please contact the secretary at the appropriate school to determine what documents are necessary for registration and to arrange for testing and placement of your child, if applicable.

Q: Is bus transportation provided for my child?

Bus transportation is provided for most K-12 students in CFSD. It depends on how far from the school you reside. Bus schedules are available at each school and can be picked up at the time of registration. Note: Transportation services are not available to students who attend CFSD under the Open Enrollment Program.

Q: When does school start, and what time do the classes begin?

The CFSD fall semester begins in mid-August each year. Please see the district school calendar for specific dates. The class schedule for each school varies. Click here for information regarding the schedule at your child's school.

Q: Where can I learn more about CFSD's curriculum?

Information about the district's curriculum can be found under "Academics" on the home page of the district website. For more information, please contact our administration office at 520-209-7500.

Q: What special programs and services are available at my child's school?

CFSD achieves excellence by focusing on the individual needs of its students. We are committed to providing an appropriate education for every child, including those with special abilities and those for whom learning is difficult. Students who are identified as gifted receive services through programs that are integral parts of the student's day. A continuum of services is offered for students with learning difficulties. In addition to a speech and language therapist, reading specialists, and school psychologist, the district has a learning disability resource program in each school.

Contact your child's school for more information about our programs and services.