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Continuing Professional Learning

Professional Pathways: Continuum of Learning and Leadership

Professional Learning

New Teacher Induction - Great Beginnings: Systems for Success

Core Professional Learning Offerings


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The CFSD Professional Pathways program is designed to extend learning and leadership opportunities for educators in Years 4 and beyond, building on the support they received in the Great Beginnings: Systems for Success program in Years 1-3. Our teacher-designed and teacher-driven Professional Pathways program provides a variety of ways for teachers to develop their own learning and capacity for leadership, and allows all certified educators (teachers, administrators, counselors, specialists) to pursue topics that they are passionate about in collaboration with their peers.

Professional Pathways Program Goals

The CFSD Professional Pathways program will:

  • • increase learning results for all students.
  • • provide a clear path to leadership for teachers.
  • • build networks of teachers who support and improve each other's practice.
  • • promote autonomy, collaboration, and mastery in teacher learning.
  • • provide consistent access to content-specific learning and expertise.
  • • provide a wide variety of learning structures and topics.

The Professional Learning Cycle

We know that people learn best when they are given a choice, are allowed to pursue topics that align with their interests, and are supported over the long term. Therefore, most of the learning opportunities within the program are embedded within a multi-year cycle of planning, implementation, evaluation, and refinement.

CFSD Professional  Pathways: Click on image for a text version of image.

A Variety of Professional Learning Opportunities

In order to support the needs and interests of diverse professionals, CFSD offers a variety of options for all educators to increase their professional knowledge and skills individually, or in groups of varying sizes.

Opportunities will focus on professional learning experiences that support our instructional model, district Strategic Plan, school improvement/collaborative inquiry teams, and current developments in content-specific pedagogy. These offerings will be proposed by educators and teams; designed to meet teacher, student, and program needs; and chosen by the participants.


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