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STAMP 4S Information

What is the STAMP 4S?

The STAMP 4S is a computer adaptive test that assesses students' reading, writing, speaking, and listening proficiency in world languages. The STAMP 4S (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) is used in CFSD to determine whether or not students meet the Arizona Seal of Biliteracy requirements for world languages proficiency. Students who wish to pursue the Seal of Biliteracy are responsible for paying the fees associated with the STAMP 4S.

Who can register for the STAMP 4S?

Since seating is limited in each testing session, CFHS juniors and seniors who register for the test by the posted deadline are given priority. CFHS freshmen and sophomores who register by the deadline may participate when seats are available.

What can students to do prepare for the STAMP 4S?

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the test format before the test administration date. Students are encouraged to visit Avant Assessment's website to read the following documents:

Will there be a test re-take opportunity for students who have taken the STAMP 4S but who have not yet met the minimum requirements to earn the CFSD Silver Seal of Biliteracy?

There are 4-5 testing sessions scheduled each year. Students who wish to re-take the STAMP 4S may do so provided that they register and pay for subsequent testing sessions by the deadline. Before retaking the assessment, students are expected to analyze their results carefully and use their world language(s) regularly in communicative contexts in order to improve their performance. If CFHS students take the STAMP 4S in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish, they are encouraged to share their results with a CFHS world languages teacher and ask for feedback on how to improve.

Will there be a test re-take opportunity for students who have taken the STAMP 4S and have met the requirements for the CFSD Silver Seal of Biliteracy but want to earn the CFSD Gold Seal?

Students who have already earned the CFSD Silver Seal may re-take the STAMP 4S to earn the CFSD Gold Seal in a subsequent testing session provided that they register and pay for the test before the payment deadline.

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