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Remote Learning reservation link



How do I reserve Remote Learning? 

If your student(s) is currently registered for school and you are ready to reserve Remote Learning for the 2020-2021 school year, follow the steps below:

Click on the GREEN "Reserve Remote Learning Here" button above. You will be taken to Synergy's ParentVUE portal.

Click HERE for the instructions (with screenshots) to reserve Remote Learning in ParentVUE.  Please note: you are not re-registering your student. You are only "reserving" Remote Learning. Do not use the Online Registration option. 

If you need assistance with your ParentVUE login credentials, please call the main office at the school where your student is enrolled.

The Remote Learning Reservation link cannot be accessed through the ParentVUE mobile app. It is only accessible through your mobile phone's web browser (such as Safari or Chrome) or on a computer.

What are the learning platforms for Remote Learning?

The infographic below highlights the features of the two Remote Learning platforms: CFSDConnect and CFSDOnline. It also compares the Remote Learning and In-Person Learning pathways. Following the infographic, you will find more detailed information about the two Remote Learning platforms, including which programs/courses will not be available for full-time Remote Learning during the 2020-2021 school year.

Learning Pathways Comparison


What are the two Remote Learning  platforms?

K-12 families may elect full-time Remote Learning for their students for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will participate in full, online learning in the CFSDConnect and/or CFSD Online platform(s). Student work will be evaluated with feedback and grades will be assigned and recorded based on district grading practices in both platforms.

Students will be assigned to CFSDConnect and/or CFSDOnline based on the number of remote learning students and available staff and resources. We cannot accept requests or guarantee one platform over another when creating student assignments for Remote Learning. 

Social-emotional support and counseling services will be provided in both online platforms.

Students may participate in modified athletic and extracurricular activities, following AIA guidelines.

Information on state testing will be shared with students and families after the start of the school year.

Students may transition between Remote Learning and In-Person Learning at designated times during the school year (trimester - elementary, quarter - middle school, semester - high school). Please note that mid-year transitions may require a change of teacher and/or class schedule.

CFSDConnect (Virtual Real-Time Learning)

Students will participate in online learning with scheduled, real-time virtual instruction. All students are expected to attend each day and submit assignments as they would if they were attending in person. They will connect virtually to their classroom through Google Meet for direct instruction, activities, and live interaction with teachers and classmates. Attendance will be recorded daily. Students will be considered present when they join their scheduled classes.

Students in grades 6-12 will follow their middle or high school schedules for CFSDConnect classes. Once a class has ended, students will log into their next class with their next scheduled teacher. Teachers will use Google Classroom to share assignments and curriculum resources with students. There will be limited use of CFSDConnect at the elementary level.

CFSDOnline (Virtual FLEX Learning)

CFSDOnline will provide some flexibility in learning by combining both self-directed asynchronous learning with live synchronous sessions. Remote learners assigned to CFSDOnline will log on to classes using the Google Classroom platform with lessons assigned by teachers using CFSD curriculum. Teachers will schedule 1-2 live sessions/lessons each week, supplemented by teacher-created lessons. For example, students will view and respond to instructional videos, read and respond to provided curriculum resources, and complete assignments.

Students are expected to participate daily and attendance will be recorded and reported on a daily basis. K-5 students (or parent/guardian) must log on to the learning platform daily to be marked present. Students in grades 6-12 must log on to each class period daily to be marked present (unless participating in a scheduled live lesson. Students and families will receive instructions on daily attendance in Google Classroom.

Students in grades K-5 will be assigned to a homeroom teacher that will be responsible for academic support, monitoring student progress, and communicating with students and parents. A self-contained Google Classroom will be created by the homeroom teacher and supported by the" specials" teachers and most support services teachers. Parental support is essential for younger learners.

In grades 6-12, students will work with various content teachers who will monitor student progress, be available for academic support, and communicate with students and parents.

Accommodations and support services will be provided to students in CFSDConnect and CFSDOnline, but structures and delivery of services may vary depending on the online learning platform. Read the Special Services Learning Plan for 2020-2021 for a more extensive description of services.

Which classes are not available in the remote setting?

Some CFSD classes are not available to students who select the Remote Learning option for 2020-2021. Families that would like to enroll their student(s) in Remote Learning must reserve Remote Learning by July 27, 2020.

Remote Learning reservation numbers will be analyzed by the schools and district to determine which learning platforms will be available for Remote Learning classes. While it is our desire to offer the full CFSD program of study to students, it is not possible to do so based on available district- and site-based resources, including the number of teachers assigned to each grade level, class/course, and content area. Currently, the following programs/classes will not be offered in the remote setting:


Grades K-5 50/50 Immersion Program (Spanish and Mandarin Chinese):

Due to the limited number of resources (immersion teachers, instructional minutes, learning resources), it is not feasible to offer the Mandarin and Spanish immersion programs in both remote and in-person classrooms. Mandarin Chinese and Spanish immersion students will continue to develop their language and literacy skills through lessons that are provided by the elementary World Languages teachers. When Remote Learning students return to In-Person Learning, immersion teachers will assess each student's language proficiency and formulate a plan that will promote scaffolded progress toward desired language targets.


The elementary robotics program requires specialized equipment and hands-on experiences that are not available to remote learners. The STEM Integration Specialist at each school may be able to provide resources for enrichment. 

Middle School

Computer Science:

The new computer science standards at the middle school level will be integrated with science classes. Learning experiences require specialized equipment and hands-on experiences that will not be available to remote learners. The STEM Integration Specialist at each school may be able to provide resources for enrichment.


High School

The courses listed below will not be offered in the Remote Learning setting due to staffing limitations and/or because they require special equipment that is not available to remote learners. Counselors will contact students who are enrolled in these courses about schedule changes if Remote Learning is elected for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Beginning Guitar
  • Beginning Steel Drums - Semester
  • Beginning Steel Drums - Yearlong
  • Intermediate Steel Drums
  • Advanced Steel Drums
  • Falcon Academy 
  • Community-Based Instruction
  • Job Skills
  • Work Experience

Many of the Fine Arts and Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses will only be offered through CFSDConnect, which requires daily attendance through real-time live synchronous viewing and participation. If it is determined that additional courses cannot be offered due to the number of reservations for remote learners or available staff and resources, students will be notified.

NOTE: If In-Person Learning is delayed beyond August 17, or if a temporary closure of In-Person Learning is announced during the 2020-2021 school year, CFSD teachers and students will transition to 100% Remote Learning using CFSDOnline with Google Classroom as the online learning platform. Students will participate in Remote Learning with their assigned teacher(s) at their enrolled school with an established schedule in order to provide instruction in all areas of the curriculum. All programs/courses will be available to all learners. This includes all of the programs and courses listed on this page.

Sample Class Schedules

See the sample class schedules as examples only of how a student's schedule at middle school and high school could be constructed to include a combination of CFSDConnect and CFSDOnline classes. The sample schedules do not indicate how classes will actually be provided. They only serve as examples.


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