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Should your student stay home from school?

4 Questions to Consider

Is your student running a fever?

If your student is running a fever, they should stay home from school.  Typically, a fever over 100.4F is a sign that your student may be ill.  A student should not return to school until at least 24 hours after the fever breaks without fever-reducing medication.

Can your student participate in school?

If your student seems too sluggish and lethargic to pay attention to learning, they should be kept home from school.  Rest will help your student recover so that they are feeling better and ready to learn again.

Is your student contagious?

If your student is sick with an illness that may be contagious, like strep throat or pinkeye, they should be kept home from school.  This will prevent them from spreading their illness to their classmates, or worse, having it passed right back!

Are the symptoms disruptive?

If your student is running to the restroom and back, chances are they won't retain much of their learning. Keep your child home until symptoms subside at least 24 hours.

HOME is the first point on the screening continuum.  Please pay attention to the listed symptoms and check in with your student before sending them to school.  When calling to report a student’s absence due to illness, please report your student’s specific symptoms on the attendance line to help the school track classroom and school trends of illnesses.

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