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Opening of School for 2020-2021


As we prepare for the reopening of CFSD schools for in-person teaching and learning, the health and safety of students, staff, and the community remain CFSD's top priority.

Beginning Monday, October 26, our plan is to bring back our in-person learning option. This is an aspirational date, depending on changing local public health data. We are hopeful that the Pima County health metrics will continue to move in the right direction. In addition to our in-person option, we will continue to offer a 100% remote learning option for students. Transitioning to these two options will require an enormous amount of logistical planning based on defined resources and staff.

We are working through a series of steps to finalize a durable and responsive in-person learning plan that reflects the CFSD Mitigation Plan.  We are moving forward from a strong position since much of the groundwork for in-person learning is already in place.

Thank you for helping us plan for success. We are looking forward to welcoming students back to our classrooms.


Remote Learning Option


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  • PreK-12
  • Classes assigned through CFSDOnline
  • Full-time, five days a week
  • Daily attendance and participation required
  • CFSD teachers, academic standards, instruction, assessment, curriculum resources
  • Clearly articulated schedules and expectations
  • Continuity of learning that is engaging and rigorous for students
  • Student progress supported with feedback and grades using district grading practices
  • Access to advanced content and classes
  • Blend of asynchronous and synchronous learning
  • Teacher-led synchronous instruction scheduled each week
  • Materials/resources (lessons, assignments, readings, 
  • Internet connection and computer required
  • District Chromebooks available for checkout, if needed
  • Class meetings and small group support
  • Social and emotional support and counseling services
  • Accommodations and support services provided (Special Education, English Language Development, Gifted)
  • Access to electives and "specials"
  • May participate in athletics and other student extracurricular activities

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Contact Information

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For questions that are specific to your school, please contact your school directly. 


Catalina Foothills High School: Jody Brase           


Esperero Canyon Middle School: Mary Setliff      

Orange Grove Middle School: Mark Rubin-Toles


Canyon View Elementary School: Rob Henikman

Manzanita Elementary School: Kim Boling

Sunrise Drive Elementary School: Andrea Davidson

Ventana Vista Elementary School: Dana Mulay


Valley View Early Learning Center: Jennifer Dooley

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