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Self-reporting to CFSD


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We need our community to let CFSD know if you are awaiting or have received a test result for COVID-19. This is both to connect you to resources that can support you and to help us assess the impacts of the virus in our community. We are requiring the following notifications:

  • Students and families who are awaiting a test result or who have received a COVID-19 test result should contact their school principal.
  • Teachers and staff should report this information to Dr. Denise Bartlett at

In addition, you should report flu-like symptoms you experience to the district, through the same channels listed above. Please stay home if you are sick and do not come to your school or workplace if you are experiencing symptoms.

Your questions also can be sent to Dr. Erin Matyjasik at Thank you for everything you are doing to navigate the challenges of this unusual situation and to support the health of our community.


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