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Opening of School for 2020-2021

We look forward to welcoming you back on August 17 for the 2020-2021 school year. With safety and rigorous learning as our guiding principles, we are pleased to announce our school reopening plan. Our plan includes two full-time options for our students: In-Person Learning and Remote Learning.

CFSD's reopening plan includes a contingency model that will move all teachers and students to Remote Learning if the governor makes the decision to close  schools and In-Person Learning is no longer available as an option. Additionally, if In-Person Learning for grades K-12 is delayed beyond August 17, we will begin the school year teaching all scheduled classes 100% remotely using CFSDOnline with Google Classroom as the online learning platform. Students will participate in Remote Learning with their assigned teacher(s) at their enrolled school with an established schedule in order to provide instruction in all areas of the curriculum. This will allow for a smooth transition to In-Person Learning with as few changes as possible to staff or student schedules when schools are allowed to open.

In order to staff appropriately, we are asking you to reserve Remote Learning by July 27, 2020 if your student(s) will not be attending school in-person for the 2020-2021 school year. Click on the green Remote Learning button below to navigate to our Remote Learning page and study our plan.  To select the Remote Learning option for your student, click on the Remote Learning Reservation button found on that page.  You will need your ParentVue login credentials (username, password) to complete your reservation.  No action is required by families who are currently registered for school and are planning to select the In-Person Learning option.


In Person Learning option

  • PreK-12
  • Full-time, five days a week
  • School hours and schedules remain the same
  • Comprehensive programming and availability of classes
  • CFSD teachers, academic standards, instruction, assessment, curriculum resources
  • Elementary classes will stay together throughout the day where feasible
  • Supplies/materials will not be shared
  • Specials will observe enhanced safety protocols
  • Social-emotional support and counseling services 
  • Accommodations and support services provided (Special Education, English Language Development, Gifted)
  • More lunch periods with grab-and-go meals available
  • In-person participation in high school athletics and other extracurricular activities where feasible, following AIA guidelines
  • Virtual gatherings and field trips
  • Physical distancing expected where feasible
  • Enhanced cleaning and safety protocols
  • Face masks are required
  • Enhanced ventilation of indoor spaces
  • May transition to Remote Learning at the end of a trimester (elementary), quarter (middle school), and semester (high school)

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Remote Learning Option


  • K-12
  • Full-time, five days a week
  • CFSD teachers, academic standards, instruction, assessment, curriculum resources
  • Internet connection and computer required
  • District Chromebooks available for checkout, if needed
  • Classes assigned through CFSDConnect and/or CFSDOnline (platform based on available staff and resources)
  • Clearly articulated schedules and expectations
  • Student progress supported with feedback and grades using district grading practices
  • Access to advanced content and classes
  • Daily attendance and participation required
  • Live teacher-led instruction
  • Class meetings and small group support
  • Social-emotional support and counseling services
  • Accommodations and support services provided (Special Education, English Language Development, Gifted)
  • Access to electives and "specials"
  • May participate in athletics and other student extracurricular activities
  • May transition to In-Person Learning at the end of a trimester (elementary), quarter (middle school), and semester (high school)

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Additional In-Person Safety Measures


Hand hygiene

Frequent hand washing will be encouraged at regular intervals throughout the day with both soap and water (PreK-5), and hand sanitizer (6-12)

Face masks

Face masks are required of all students and staff.  Face shields will be provided and may be used in some classes, like band and choir.

Visitors on campus

  • Only essential personnel will be permitted on the campus. No visitors, including parents/guardians, will be allowed to enter the campus beyond the main office or the security office at Canyon View Elementary School (i.e., no visitors within the campus perimeter security fencing). The school principal will determine what volunteers, if any, are essential.
  • Face masks are required of everyone.

Training and signage

  • Training will be provided for all employees, students and parents/guardians on the expected safety protocols.
  • Signage will be posted and visible throughout the campus.



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