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Our educational programs provide a framework that allows each student to work to attain his or her highest fulfillment as an individual and as a responsible member of society. This includes opportunities for students to develop their specific areas of giftedness.

The district provides special programming for gifted students with specific academic needs that cannot be addressed within the scope of the general educational program. Gifted students at every grade level experience regular association with their intellectual peers as well as their age peers.

CFSD is committed to the following gifted education programming standards:

  1. Gifted educational programming includes comprehensive services based upon state statutes, philosophical, theoretical, and empirical foundations.
  2. Differentiated K-12 instruction addresses the unique needs of gifted learners.
  3. An ongoing comprehensive process is used to determine eligibility of students for gifted services.
  4. Recognizing the characteristics of gifted learners and nurturing their socio-emotional development is an integral part of gifted programming.
  5. The knowledge and skills of all school staff that work with gifted learners are systematically developed.
  6. The gifted education program is developed, coordinated, and evaluated at the district level.


K-12 Gifted Education Programming Framework

State Board Approved Tests for Identification of Gifted Students in Arizona

Project Bright Horizon Characteritics and Behaviors of Gifted Learners

Project Bright Horizon Key Identification Considerations

Project Bright Horizon Gifted Characteristics Checklist

For more information, contact Associate Superintendent Dr. Mary Jo Conery, 209-7500


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