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Advanced Academic Programs


Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, and courses with Honors Credit are available to high school students. Criteria for placement is available during the registration process, but generally requires students to be self-motivated and independent learners, excelling academically, and have well-developed study habits and time management skills. Students are encouraged to take the highest-level courses that are appropriate for them.

AP Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) classes afford students the opportunity to complete college-level courses in high school that may substitute for the regular curriculum. Students who are successful on the subsequent AP exams may meet certain college entrance requirements and/or earn college credit if they score well on the exams.

To learn more, visit the College Board

Honors Courses

Courses designated as Honors and Honors Credit give students the opportunity to earn honors credit and notation on the transcript by demonstrating greater depth and breadth in their work and assessments. Honors courses cover a wider scope of material, in greater depth, at a faster pace than the standard courses.

Honors Credit within a traditional course is an option that allows students to pursue advance learning opportunities in English or social studies without enrolling in an Advanced Placement or Honors course. It is also available in Algebra 1. Students working for honors credit should expect quantitative and qualitative differences during the course of study.

Teachers of courses with Honors Credit will elaborate on the process to earn honors credit during the first week of class. The high school course catalog provides a description of all advanced courses available to students.


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