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Foothills Grad Selected for AZ Internship
Foothills grad Amanda Higby '14 is serving in one of the University of Arizona's most prestigious internships, the Legislative Internship Program with the Arizona state government. Her duties include researching legislation, drafting bill summaries and presenting before legislative committees. Amanda is currently a law student at UA.

Only twelve UA students were chosen for this special opportunity which is open to only 50 students statewide. Congrats, Amanda!

Amanda Higby ’14 today and at CFHS (right)

Foothills Grad Builds Successful Film Career
A standing ovation is well-deserved for Foothills grad Alysa Nahmias '97, who is seeing her hard work in the film industry pay off. Her feature documentary, Unrest, has been shortlisted for the 2018 Academy Awards, making the cut from 170 films to only 15. Unrest tells the true story of a young woman who grapples with a mysterious debilitating illness that her doctors struggle to diagnose.

In another achievement, Alysa’s directorial debut, Unfinished Spaces, was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art, ensuring that her film will be preserved and exhibited for generations to come. Her next production is The New Bauhaus, which Alysa is slated to direct.

After graduating from CFHS, Alysa earned her B.A. at NYU and her Master’s in Architecture at Princeton. She is the president and director/producer of Ajna Films.

Alysa Nahmias ’97 today (above) and at CFHS (seated, front left)