Canyon View Elementary School

Staff Directory and Teacher Websites

Rob Henikman eMail
Margie Grinney eMail
Beth Klingensmith eMail
Health Room:
Anne Marie Huffman eMail
Vivien Peterson eMail
Computer Lab:
Ginger Hunt Website eMail
Computer Site Technician:
Tami Graves eMail
Kathy Callanan eMail
Laura Gibson Website eMail
Mary Ingram-Schatz Website eMail
First Grade:
Mary Bangert Website eMail
Brittany Weeks Website eMail
Deanna Blackhall Website eMail
Second Grade:
Laura Kupper Website eMail
Michael Allie Website eMail
Third Grade:
Teena Clark Website eMail
Mary Clark Website eMail
Traci Kiosterud Website eMail
Fourth Grade:
Libby Hays Website eMail
Jeaneen Ghori Website eMail
Scott Suter Website email
Jocelyn Dubs Website eMail
Fifth Grade:
Melinda Wallace Website eMail
Josef Torres Website eMail
Cheryl Williams Website eMail
Art - Allie Romero Website eMail
ELD - Susan Shank Website eMail
Gifted - Liane Cooper Website eMail
Music - Patricia Moore Website eMail
P.E. - Michelle Gallagher Website eMail
Reading - Felicia Grandi Website eMail
Spanish - Monica Del Rincon Website eMail
Spanish - Lorena Cote Website eMail
April Reidy Website eMail
Kathie Newton Website eMails

Inclusion Support:
Nancy Andrews eMail
Mary Aubrey eMail
Jonathan Konrad eMail
Kathryn Ernst eMail
Megan McKee eMail
Kristie Stevens Website eMail

Tracy Mong eMail
Educational Assistants:
Adrienne Carlson eMail
Heidi Koobs eMail
Isabel Valenzuela eMail
Patty Caseman eMail
Nancy Breckenridge eMail
Custodial Staff:
Ricardo Ferniza
Andy Franco
Josh Espinoza
Special Ed Director/School Psychologist:
Nancy Sergeant-Abbate eMail
Lourdes Vergil eMail
Special Ed Secretary:
Colleen Boyce eMail
Michel Stauss eMail
Canyon View Elementary School
5725 North Sabino Canyon Road, Tucson AZ 85750
Phone: 520.209.7700 Fax: 520.209.7770
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