EnVision21: Deep Learning

Videos: Deep Learning Proficiencies

CFSD is committed to building knowledge and skills that prepare students for college and career pathways. In addition to mastering core academic content, CFSD has also been focused on building a set of proficiencies that we believe students must learn in order to apply and transfer their knowledge to problems or situations in the classroom and beyond their PreK-12 educational setting.

A rigorous review of pertinent research and a new strategic plan entitled, Envision21: Deep Learning, forms the basis for a fresh focus on cross-disciplinary skills/proficiencies needed of learners to be successful in a rapidly changing world. Previously named “21st century skills,” CFSD has reframed these skills as Deep Learning Proficiencies (DLPs). They are (1) Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, (2) Creativity and Innovation, (3) Citizenship, (4) Collaboration, (5) Communication, and (6) Systems Thinking.

Click on a link below to view a video that shows CFSD students and teachers in action.

Collaboration and Self-regulation
Teamwork 2009
Teamwork 2007
Productivity 2011
Productivity 2009
Leadership and Teamwork 2011
Leadership 2009
Leadership 2007
Self Direction 2011
Self Direction 2009
Self Direction 2007
Citizenship and Communication
Cultural Competence: Spanish Immersion
Cultural Competence 2009
Cultural Competence 2007
Global Awareness 2011
Global Awareness 2009
Global Awareness 2007
Integration of 21st Century Skills: Hydrology
Communication 2011
Communication 2009
Communication 2007
Critical, Creative, & Systems Thinking
Critical and Creative Thinking 2011
Critical and Creative Thinking 2009
Critical and Creative Thinking 2007
Data Analysis and Scientific Inquiry 2011
Data Analysis 2009
Data Analysis 2007
Scientific Inquiry 2009
Scientific Inquiry 2007
Systems Thinking 2011
Systems Thinking 2009
Systems Thinking 2007
Technology and Tools 2011
Technology and Tools 2009
Technology and Tools 2007

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