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Employee Wellness Programs


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CFSD offers several Wellness Programs throughout the year.
Such programs include:

MOM (Mobile On-Site Mammography):
Each year CFSD and ASBAIT sponsor free mammograms at various sites throughout the district.
View locations, dates and times here

Flu Shot Clinic (Each year in the Fall):
CFSD and ASBAIT sponsor free flu shots at various sites throughout the district for all employees enrolled with ASBAIT.
View locations, dates and times here.

Shingles/Hepatitis Vaccination Clinic:
Held on-site each year

Biometric Testing (Once a year):
Click here for the 2015 schedule and information to register.

CFSD and ASBAIT sponsor free biometric testing at various sites throughout the district. The testing includes:

  • 32 panel fasting blood test
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Personal Health Report with risk score and understanding of what it means in terms of health

Click here to view information on the benefits to participating in the biometric screenings.

Click here to view information about why the screenings are offered, confidentiality, reporting and health coaching.

Current Healthy Times Newsletter

Current Employee Assistance Program Newsletter

Stay fit with the LA FITNESS discount program. The discount program will save you $99 on registration fees and an annual savings of $120 off your monthly membership dues. Click here to view the flyer about discounted membership rates at LA Fitness for all CFSD employees.

Welcome to the 2016 Fall District Wellness Program!

To receive future wellness communications:

First, Click this link:!memberships

Next, find the "District Wellness" group listed and make sure the gray box says "All Email" instead of "No Email."

Fall Wellness Sign-Up Links:






What is the Healthy Habits Challenge? It is a 3 week challenge, starting Monday, September 12, to personally engage in healthy habits every day. Each week of the challenge, receive an email tip about: 1) Building Better Habits, 2) Overcoming Plateaus and Setbacks, and 3) Assessing and Growing Your Habit.

Why a Healthy Habits Challenge? By building a healthy habit, you are training your brain to create a new neural pathway which supports task performance.

You may want to:

-Replace an undesirable habit
-Transform an existing habit
-Create an entirely new one

Once the habit is formed, you can use it as a gateway to bigger changes that can truly change your life. To reap the benefits of lasting change, you must ultimately change your environment to support a healthy lifestyle. Click here for Tips and Exampleswhen choosing a healthy habit. Click here for a Healthy Habits Tracking Sheet.

Did someone mention a Prize? Yes! Any CFSD Staff member who registers for the Healthy Habits Challenge (using the link above) before September 16, 2016, will receive a free car sunshade, courtesy of ASBAIT.

2st Annual CFSD Kickball Tournament

Since health and wellness is on everyone’s mind, why not have a little fun with your colleagues and engage in a fitness activity at the same time? Community Schools wants to help you accomplish this, so as a part of our Fall Wellness Campaign, we are organizing a District Kickball Tournament. Each school will form its own team and compete against other sites' teams on Saturday, December 3rd, from 9am-12pm on the CFHS Multipurpose field. We want to help you:

  • Get some physical activity and enjoy the outdoors
  • Build camaraderie with your colleagues
  • Boost your school spirit
  • Act a little bit like a kid in a safe environment
  • Have a ton of fun!

Your school’s Community Schools representative will be distributing information at your site in the coming weeks, and will be available to answer any questions you may have, but for now sign up for your school’s kickball team utilizing the link provided above!


The Community Schools Team


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