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Financial Services

Director of Finance
Lisa Taetle

Sandy Thompson

Accounts Payable
Suzan McCraren , Accounts Payable

Sharri Smith, Procurement Specialist

Brook Billings, Payroll Manager

Request for Arguments "For" or "Against" the Special Budget Override


CFSD delivers more dollars to our classrooms.

At CFSD, we ensure that maintaining fiscal responsibility is possible without sacrificing a quality education. Our schools operate successfully because we are very mindful of where and how our funds - your funds - are being spent.

2019 Adopted Budget (PDF)

2019 Budget Hearing Notice (PDF)

2019 Proposed Budget (PDF)

2018 Budget Revision #3 (PDF)

2018 Adopted Budget (PDF)

2017 Budget Revision #1 (PDF)

2017 Adopted Budget (PDF)

2016 Budget Revision #2 (PDF)

2016 Adopted Budget (PDF)

2017 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2016 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2015-2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2014-2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (PDF)

The Catalina Foothills School District is proud to participate in and highly recommends your
participation as a key to the success for your entity's procurements.

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

How to Do Business With CFSD (PDF)
W-9 Form (PDF)
Contract and General Conditions Form (PDF)
Payment Bond Form (PDF)
Performance Bond Form (PDF)
Notice of Award Form (PDF)

RFP/Bids :

IFB 18-07-18 - Orange Grove Middle School Batting Cages (PDF) Addendum One (PDF) Addendum Two (PDF)

IFB 18-09-19 - CFHS Weatherization (PDF) Bid Specifications (PDF) Bid Drawings (PDF) Addendum One (PDF)

RFQ 18-08-23 -
Architect & Engineering Services (PDF)

RFP 18-06-23 - Senior Portraits (PDF)

IFB 18-10-19 - IT Upgrades at CVES, VVES and ECMS (PDF) Addendum One (PDF)

Bids Awarded :

Bids Cancelled :

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