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The Catalina Foothills School District (CFSD) provides a comprehensive and rigorous academic program that is recognized nationally for preparing students well for postsecondary education. From early childhood through high school graduation, CFSD provides a wide array of challenging programs and learning experiences to help every student succeed in school.

While academics are at the core of a comprehensive education, CFSD also embraces the obligation to graduate self-regulated learners who have the skill-set for lifelong learning. This advanced set of skills - the capacity to see problems in new ways, think critically, design innovative solutions, and collaborate and communicate in diverse settings – enables our students to engage in deeper learning. That is, to go beyond the mastery of content knowledge to applying what is learned and transferring it to new situations or contexts. To this end, all students engage in 21st century skill building, which includes critical thinking and problem solving, citizenship, creativity and innovation, collaboration, communication, and systems thinking. CFSD refers to these skills as “deep learning proficiencies” (DLPs). Our expectation for the ongoing development of these skills is defined in the rubrics for each DLP. There is a continuum of performance for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

We are committed to fully engaging our students in their learning and evaluating program results to ensure our students move on from their PreK-12 education confident that they are well prepared to flourish in future studies, careers, and in life.

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Envision 21. Deep Learning CFSD

P21, The Partnership for 21st Century Learning, designated Catalina Foothills School District (CFSD) as an exemplar district. CFSD received this recognition for exemplary 21st century learning practices and programs that prepare students for sucess in college and other postsecondary pathways. CFSD was the first district in Arizona to earn the exemplar designation from P21. Click here to learn more about CFSD as a P21 exemplar district.

CFSD has been implementing a long-term systemic plan to bring the concept of 21st century teaching and learning to scale. Collectively, educators, students, parents, and the larger community contribute to the daily successes and opportunities that empower our students to think, create, lead, and make change. Learn more about CFSD's journey - from the establishment of the vision for 21st century education to the current day's work focus.

Enjoy the spotlight video features of our students and teachers at the first link below.


Profile of a CFSD Graduate

CFSD developed a set of rubrics (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) for each Deep Learning Proficiency (DLP). Specific performance areas and indicators are used for teaching and measuring skill develoment within academic contexts. The rubrics provide a common vocabulary and illustrate a continuum of performance. New for 2018 is the inclusion of Understandings and Essential Questions as well as possible student misconceptions for each DLP.


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