Launching Dreams
Foothills Alumni News & Notes

Photo of Jillian Dawley
As a CFHS student, Jillian Dawley ’14 participated in National Honor Society, played soccer and broke records as a distance runner. After she accepted an offer to attend Loyola Marymount University, an abscess on her back pressed against her spinal cord and ultimately put Jillian in a wheelchair. She spent about four months unable to walk.
But after a long period of physical therapy, she began to recover. Incredibly, when LMU opened the cross country season last month, she finished 44th of 89 runners at the Covert Classic in Fullerton, California. Jillian is studying Biochemistry at LMU.

Photo of Davis Burk
At Esperero Canyon Middle School, Davis Burk '12 led an after-school science seminar on designing satellites. Davis is earning his master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at Arizona State University while serving as a Flight Operations intern at Raytheon Missile Systems.
Photo of Davis Burk teaching in classroom

Photo of Tyler Bosmeny
Tyler Bosmeny ’05 is making books available for students who otherwise wouldn’t have them. His company, Clever, was asked by the White House to power the logins for their new app, Open eBook, which provides thousands of eBooks for students of Title 1 schools. The new service was released last month.