This is a text version of the main photo slideshow on this webpage.

Slide 1. Girl Robotics student sitting at laptop. Caption: Welcome to CFSD!.

Slide 2. High School Choir. Caption: Deep Learning.

Slide 3. Students holding up Chinese dragon. Caption: Cultural Literacy.

Slide 4. Two students at science olypiad. Caption: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

Slide 5. High School art class. Caption: Creativity and Innovation.

Slide 6. High School band students performing at old abby in England.

Slide 7. Lego Team Boxbots. Caption: Communication.

Slide 8. Six students holding coloring book project. Caption:Citizenship.

Slide 9. Four High School band members holding Superior Award.

Slide 10. Three students painting. Caption: Collaboration.

Slide 11. Two students at science fair.

Slide 12. Students with Lego Robotics. Caption: Systems Thinking.

Slide 13. Line of school buses on curb.

Slide 14. CFSD 2016 FIRST LEGO League Teams.

Slide 15. Group of parents at Parent Boot Camp.

Slide 16. Three high school teachers.

Slide 17. Five students in class garden.

Slide 18. Two Canyon View teachers and Superintendent.

Slide 19. Science Olympiad Team.

Slide 20. Group of Manzanita teachers and staff.

Slide 21. Five governing board members.

Slide 22. Group of teachers in China.

Slide 23. Colorful student artwork.

Slide 24. Group of Orange Grove teachers and staff.

Slide 25. Three students and teacher acting out story.

Slide 26. Group of Ventana Vista teachers and staff.

Slide 27. Six students and three adults standing in front of "Mud Kitchen".

Slide 28. Group of Sunrise Drive teachers and staff.

Slide 29. Teacher and two students.

Slide 30. Teacher, student and parent volunteer.

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